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Recovery from Trauma

The KRTS Power to Recover online-programme is designed to help people recover from the psychological and emotional impact of the traumatic event they have experienced. Critical incidents come in different shapes and sizes and can cause a range of distressing and disabling reactions.

Supported by a personal trauma coach and equivalent to over 12 hours of specialised and trauma-focused support, the full online programme takes people from being overwhelmed and helpless to being empowered and active in their own recovery.

Online Trauma Support

Who would benefit from the online trauma support programme?

The KRTS Power to Recover® online-programme suits individuals who:

Want to work independently, be self-sufficient and take control of their recovery, with specialist support to guide them along the way

Prefer to work from a computer, wherever and whenever it is convenient for them

Are unable or don’t want to access traditional talking therapies.

What are the benefits of the programme?

Gain an understanding of what they are experiencing and why

Learn how to reset their internal alarm systems and deal with overwhelming feelings, reduce panic attacks and anxiety

Gain the confidence and understanding to safely and effectively overcome their fears, begin to feel back in control and pick up their life again


Research* carried out with KRTS Power To Recover® programme users showed:

84% of users experienced over 75% reduction in traumatic stress symptoms

An overall 68% decrease in traumatic stress symptoms

Many of them described the programme as “life changing”

*based on results collected from pre- and post-scores for the Impact of Events Scale-Revised


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