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Technical Support

Don’t forget there are instructions on how to use the programme’s features in the “start here” section. You may find it helpful to read them again.

Here are some common questions that users have. Please check that you have tried the solutions here before contacting support (details at bottom of page).


I haven’t received a link to activate my programme

If you have had your assessment call with a coach and have been advised that you will be set up on the KRTS Power to Recover(r) programme, the coach should arrange for a system-generated registration link to be emailed to you.

If the email hasn’t arrived, it is usually caused by either:

  • The email being blocked by your internet/email provider
  • A VPN or work network may have settings that interfere with the link being received
  • Your email address may have been wrongly input on the system by the coach


How to fix this:

  • Check spam or junk folder. Add noreply@powertorecover.com to your whitelist (safe senders list)
  • Check VPN settings if you are using one or use a different network connection to prevent the email being blocked
  • Request a new link from your coach and ask them to check that your email address has been correctly input


I don’t how to contact my coach

I’ve clicked on the link and tried to register but not been able to access the programme 


When you receive the email with an invitation to register on the programme, there is a link to click on. This takes you to a page where you can set a password. Once you have done this, you will automatically be taken to your dashboard.


If the registration link doesn’t work or you have been unable to complete registration, it is usually caused by one or more of these reasons:


  • The link is time-sensitive for your security and data protection. It may have expired.
  • A VPN or work network may have settings that interfere with the link being blocked and the following pages not loading
  • You may have clicked on the activation link more than once.


How to fix this:

  • If the link has expired, your coach will need to resend this
  • Check VPN settings or use a different network connection to prevent the link being blocked and request a new link from your coach
  • If you have managed to input a password, but have not been taken into your programme dashboard, go to https://programmes.powertorecover.com and log in with your email and the password you set


I don’t how to contact my coach

I created a password but can’t log in or got an error message


When you have activated your account, you can access your programme by logging in with your email address and the password you set.


If you are trying to log in and are unable to do so or get an error message, this is usually caused by:


  • Trying to return to the programme by using the link in the activation email
  • You may have used the wrong password multiple times and have been blocked as suspicious
  • You may have logged in on one device (e.g. phone) and tried to log in with another device without logging out of the first one. The system will consider this suspicious and block access


How to fix this:

  • Check you are using the right link https://programmes.powertorecover.com and log in there. It’s a good idea to type in the address rather than using auto-fill as this can load cached pages.
  • Request a reset password link from your coach


I don’t how to contact my coach

I forgot my password or want to change it


You can request a new password from the log in screen by clicking “forgot password.” If you have logged in and want to change your password, go to Account on the top menu bar and follow the Change password process there. The reset link is time sensitive for your security.


I tried to reset my password but haven’t received an email to do this

I tried to reset my password but haven’t received an email to do this


When you click on “forgotten password” you should receive a link that will take you to the page to do this.


If you don’t receive a link, it may be because:

  • It has gone into your junk / spam folder
  • The system may have blocked you for suspicious activity (e.g. multiple incorrect attempts, being logged in on multiple devices).


How to fix this:

  • Check your junk / spam folder and add noreply@powertorecover.com to your whitelist (safe senders list)
  • If the system has blocked your access, it won’t send a link and you will need to contact your coach to send the reset password email to you.


I don’t how to contact my coach

I don’t how to contact my coach


When you are set up on the system, your coach should provide you with contact details.


If you have not got these or have lost them and you are able to access the system, you can send them a message.


Once you are logged in, there is a button on your home page to “contact your coach”

I need to change an appointment with my coach


Once you are logged in to the system, there is a button on your home page to “contact your coach”. You can use this to send them a message to change appointments.

I can’t type in or edit my Blueprint for Recovery


The Blueprint for Recovery shows a summary of any notes you have made within a module or any answers to activities. You can change or add to what you have written at any point and decide what you share with your coach and what you keep completely private.


If you are trying to edit your Blueprint for Recovery, you can only do this on the actual module pages.


You can view your information using the answers / thoughts boxes on your home page but not edit from there.

I am having problems playing audio or video files


You should be able to easily play audio or video files without problems or excessive buffering.


If you are unable to watch or listen to the video and/or audio files, or if you are experiencing excessive buffering, it is usually caused by:


  • Old browsers (we recommend Google Chrome if you are using a PC / laptop)
  • Poor internet connection
  • Not accepting cookies when prompted to do so (we only use essential cookies)
  • Work server / network / VPN settings blocking function


Some android phones (e.g. Samsung) are known to have had issues playing videos so devices should be updated.


How to fix:

  • Update the browser you are using or install a new one. Google Chrome is the least problematic one we have encountered. Updated browsers are also very important for general internet security. Not sure if you need to update your browser?
  • Check your internet connection
  • Accept cookies when prompted
  • Check whether work servers / networks / VPN are blocking function by using another connection and device
  • Check the security settings on your browser and device


I’m not sure if I need to update my browser


Many browsers update automatically provided you keep up to date with automatic updates on your computer / tablet / phone. You can generally see if you need to update your browser by the following actions:


Check the Help menu on the browser bar or look in the browser’s main menu for a Help section. The update utility for a browser is often found in the Help section.


If no Help section is found, check the browser’s main menu for a section labelled Update or Upgrade.


If you cannot find a Help, Update, or Upgrade section in your browser, visit the website for the developer of the browser. The developer’s website often has a browser update option on their website.

I am having problems with some other functionality of the programme 


In unusual cases, people report an issue with another function such as only being able to type 1 or 2 letters in a text box.


Most functional issues are a result of the same causes as problems playing audio or video files so please see that section for advice on how to resolve the issue.


Check the security settings on your browser and device


Ensure your device is current with any updates.


Go to settings in your browser. Click on privacy and security then click on

  • Clear browsing data: Clear cookies and other site data and Cached images and files. When you try to see if the problem has resolved, type https://programmes.powertorecover.com into your browser. Don’t use a stored or predicted link. This prevents your browser from simply returning to the old non-functioning cached version that it has stored
  • Cookies and other site data: Check you are allowing cookies. These are often blocked automatically if you are in incognito mode and will prevent functioning.
  • Security: check permissions


Once you have done this (you may need to restart your computer):


Contact support


We’re sorry you’re still having technical issues and that the actions on these help pages have not resolved them. Let’s see how we can quickly sort this!


Please email the technical support team at office@powertorecover.com giving the following information:


  • Is this the first time you have tried to access the system?
  • What device (e.g. phone / computer) and browser (e.g. Chrome / Safari) are you using?
  • When did you receive the email with the activation link? It may have expired.
  • Who set you up on the programme? (e.g. the name of NHS service or employee assistance provider)
  • If you’re not sure of this, then can you tell us your coach’s name?
  • Please describe the problem and what were you trying to do before you encountered the problem?
  • Can you confirm which of the suggested steps from the help pages you have taken?
  • Can you provide a screenshot please?


This will help identify the cause of the issue and get you quickly back on the programme.

We aim to respond within 4 working hours during normal UK office hours of Monday to Friday 09.00 to 17.00.


Please note this email address does not offer emergency, clinical or crisis advice or support.

For any clinical questions or issues, please contact your coach